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I have a knitting shop in Concord, NC. I've been here a year, bringing yarn to the masses. We have regular Knit Nights and there are plans for parties and classes. Stop by if you are in the area, or visit the website at and have a look around!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why do I never remember to update my blogspot?

October comes to the knit shop

Hello, mailing listers! We have slogged through the month of
September, and here we arrive at the beginning of another autumn. Soon
the cool weather will set in and everyone you know will clamor for you
to make them warm cozy things. And lucky you, you'll be able to!

New yarn has come in! All kinds of tasty goodness is waiting to be
looked at and knitted into something wonderful. I've taken a picture
of a sampling, just to give you a taste. Come in and look at it - some
of them you really just need to see in person.

Is everyone ready for another Knit Night? We've got one coming up on
Tuesday. We might actually see the return of Patty, who has been
missing from our group for a while. She's been off being the Wicked
Stepmother in the Old Courthouse Theatre's "Into the Woods". (You can
still see her! One more weekend!) (Extraneous commercial ends now.)
This week's Knit Night theme is going to be New Beginnings. Got a
project you've been meaning to start? Bring it in and cast on. Been
intimidated by a sweater or a really hard blanket? Someone will be
able to help you out. Don't have a new project? Well, we can help you
with that, too. :)

On sale this week: knitting needles and crochet hooks. Starting
Saturday, these necessary tools will be 10% off. Think of buying some
lovely Susanne's Rosewood hooks, or stocking up on Lantern Moon

On a fun note, RaveKnits will be closed the last weekend of the month
for SAFF. We'll be heading to the high country to see the leaves (I'm
taking my camera this time, dangit!), hang out with the Bond women,
talk to the alpacas and buy some yarn. Any requests on what I bring

In the meantime, we'll see you at the store!