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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I had a bad day

So I was trying to do some stuff to the web site yesterday. Trying to upload some images, trying to change Featured Products, things like that. Simple stuff. Only I couldn't. Could not for the life of me figure out where Featured Products got changed. The images I got, but I think I'm going about it in a roundabout manner.

So I'm doing a time-consuming task that I feel could go faster if only I knew how. Frustrating. Can't find Featured Products. More frustrating. This goes on for a couple hours. I was ready tp throw the computer against a wall.

I didn't throw the computer against a wall. I was a good girl. I decided I would take myself away, mentally and geographically, and further decided that I would start an afghan on the machine. Patty put together a Super Bond for me (all the bits of the Bond, put together, as far as the table will let it stretch) so that I could make something big. So I picked some pleasant yarn, thought I'd get started and have something cool to show Patty who was coming to pick up some yarn about an hour later. That was the plan, anyway.

I got cast on. That was all. I could not for the life of me figure out how to thread the carriage. I knew there was something about "under" or "through". I tried three times, and three times I had to untangle and cast on again. Casting on on needles is not so bad, but it's quite frustrating on a machine, especially when you threaded the carriage wrong and it becomes locked in place. I looked in "The Machine Knitters Dictionary". Nothing. I went online. Nothing. I fumed and read Fark till Patty arrived and helped me.

While Patty was helping me, John came in and fiddled with the web site, having heard me vent at Patty about it. That problem I'd been having? That I'd been trying to fix for a chunk of the day? That was making me want to visit violence upon my computer? Yeah, he figured it out in like two minutes.

So go look at the site,, and see where the Ditto is? Front page? Yeah, John did that. But at least he showed me how, so I can do more today.

Unless I become frustrated again and go knit. But I think Eva Cassidy will help keep my blood pressure down, so maybe it'll be OK.


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