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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Posting, one two three

Yes, I am bad. Yes, I know. I guess I am going to update twice a year. OK, as my Middle Year's Resolution, I hereby state that I will update more often. We'll work out the details of how often later.

OK, I'll really post more often. I really will. Here's the current newsletter to keep you busy. I have to make potato salad.

Hello everyone! Are we all enjoying the unseasonably cool weather?
It's lovely and gray out - perfect knitting weather.

Mark your calendars: Knit Night is this Tuesday. Last week was a small
group. Peaches were passed out. See the fun things that happen at Knit
Night? The conversation drifted from yarn to pets to dinner to more
yarn. You, too, can get in on the fun of sitting around gabbing while
working on the latest WIP. Come on by after work, we'll be here till

I have attached a picture of the socks I made out of Marathon. It's a
fun self-patterning yarn, one of the new ones from Universal Yarn.
It's very easy to work with, very soft and yummy. Come in and check it

Don't forget about the Knitting For A Better World Basket. Donations
keep coming in in the form of little socks, sweaters and blankets.
Hats, gloves and mittens are also welcome. There is literature by the
basket about different charities you can knit for, so you can choose
one that suits you and your knitting interests.

On sale this week: in honor of it just having been Flag Day, all red,
white or blue yarn will be 15% off.

We'll see you at the store!

Here is sock picture goodness for you. On the agenda: put this yarn on the site. Either tomorrow or Tuesday. Probably Tuesday. Tomorrow should be cleaning day. So has it been written, so shall it be done.


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