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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

FIRE! (inspection)

Today we had the fire inspection. I was rather nervous, having never been around for one before. I expected him to slam a fist through the wall, bring out a handful of wires and tell me how bad things were.

Half an hour later we were shaking hands as he left, with him utterly certain I could get done with the things that needed fixing in the next few hours. And if I had gone to the hardware store and bought a different lock-and-doorknob, I would have been. I did the tidying up he wanted, so that should be fine. Oh, and have the extinguisher serviced.

On the agenda for tomorrow: doorknob. Along with a few other a price gun. All I want is a little price gun that is hand-powered. I do not need one that plugs in. I am capable of squeezing, but can't find one like that. I know they make them. I used to use one. It is my quest now.


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