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Friday, July 20, 2007

The great yard sale event

I'm having a yard sale in my parking lot tomorrow, weather permitting. For the most part it rains in the evening, so I hadn't been worried. Only I can't help but notice it looks REEEEEALLY cloudy out there right now, and informs me that there is water headed my way. What if it does this tomorrow? I can't have a soggy yard sale, it wouldn't be right!

Right now the store looks like a bomb hit it. Except for the upstairs, which is almost pristine. But no one sees the upstairs, so it's a moot point. There's yard sale stuff sitting everywhere in preparation for being hauled out to the parking lot tomorrow and I haven't even brought it all downstairs. I was hoping to wait till a little later in the day, so that when people walk in, the first thing they see is not an eyeful of old toasters and random books and board games.

Aaaand that's the news for right now. I just wanted to kill a couple minutes. I'll have a newsletter to post in a bit.


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